VintageGeekBox - One Time Order
VintageGeekBox - One Time Order
VintageGeekBox - One Time Order

VintageGeekBox - One Time Order

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  • Each box contains 3-5+ goodies, including vintage toys. Not all toys are complete, and vary in condition, but most are in very good or better condition. Boxes also contain new goodies such as vintage-inspired clothing, etc.. Every box contains a majority of vintage!
  • No two boxes are the exact same! 
  • With each box you will also receive various VintageGeekBox swag such as calendars, stickers, pens… it could be anything! 
  • Some boxes will contain a t-shirt, or other various items such as hats, etc.. To be eligible to receive a t shirt when you place an order, you must also simply email with the name which you placed the order under, and the gender & size of t-shirt requested.
  • We guarantee each box contains a great value and assortment of items.
  • There is no limit on how many boxes you can order, until we SELL OUT of each batch! (We will likely eventually include a subscription option for monthly boxes) 
  • Toy lines included in VintageGeekBox include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Duck Tales, WWF/WWE Hasbro & LJN, WCW Galoob, Masters of the Universe, Smurfs, and MANY more! 
  • 1 in every 100 boxes contain a VERY SPECIAL insert such as a carded action figure!
  • BOXES SHIP EVERY MONDAY. All orders placed from Monday after 12 PM ET until the following Monday until 12 PM ET ship MONDAY AFTERNOON!